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Neutronville Records
Kirchwiesenweg 43
47179 Duisburg



We love electronic music by raw, untapped and talented artists who transpose their ideas, feelings, emotions into the music with the regardless of trends and commercial pressures. That forms a profile, individuality and creates a sustainable added value.

Send your demo to and use file transfer services like We Transfer, private SoundCloud, DropBox or other.

Only unreleased, unpublished and final songs with the best quality.


If you are DJ, radio host or working for the music business in general, please fillout the form and discover the promo-pool of Neutronville Records.

As a member of the Promo-Pool you can download the tracks of the promotion for free und use them for your activities in the music business. As return service you have to review the tracks and leave a feedback to each promotion. Everyone who is publically active in the music business can send a application to become a member of the Promo-Pool.

When signing up you have to list references that empower you to become a member. After checking these references your application will be accepted or denied. The references must show that you are empowered to leave a qualified feedback to the promotion. This can be your activities as DJ or as editor on the radio or print media.

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